Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is


Another patriarch bites the dust.


10 thoughts on “Depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is

  1. He openly confessed and repented all…you’re characterizing him as someone covering up his sin. While some leaders (Gathard comes to mind) tend to cover things up, he confessed all and took appropriate action.


  2. Kind of sad that you would exploit this one… He and his family need our prayers, not our scorn.
    Had he tried to cover it up, or didn’t fully repent (ie: I made some “mistakes”), than you would be justified.


    • He has ruined or significantly damaged many, many lives. It’s great that he repented of this, and is stepping down. The next step would be starting to undo the damage he’s done over the years.


    • Ummm, obviously you dont know patriarchs.
      They dont sin, and if they do it is someone else’s fault. I would 1) highly doubt he was telling the truth and 2) easily believe he had tried to cover it up and something forced him to come out about it.
      I have heard rumors over the internet that this was an ongoing thing, and he himself says “lengthy.” Why now? That is the question seekers of truth and repentence should be asking.
      Forgiveness is one thing. Restitution is a whole ‘nother.


  3. Yes, Phillips has damaged a great many lives and has taught grievously awful, unBiblical things over the years. This, however, is tragic, and while I have vehemently disagreed with his theology, his ministry, and his works over the years, I’m very sorry for the hurt to his family, and I pray for his restoration, which I hope will include a renunciation of his vile, masculinist theology. This is very sad — but patriarchy is a whole lot of shifting sand to build an empire on. May God be with him, his family, and his followers.


  4. Memes, I hate to disagree with you, but can you trust the guy who ruined lives to have a clue about how to repair the damage? I knew a lot of VF fans, but gotta say, those Daddy Daughter things were just creepy.


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