It’s an idol…



Hey, I was just saying what the Bible says about organic food, and suddenly you’re all upset. You must have a truth allergy.



saveidolatryIn my supposedly non-anonymous opinion, this recent flurry of posts from Toby seem far more politically motivated than anything else. It isn’t really any secret that the people in Trinity Reformed Church who preferred non-conventional medicine, health food, and other ‘hipster’ things tended to be more inclined toward liturgy, ecumenical theology, and Peter Leithart.

The lifestyle split is a fairly convenient division that allows Toby and Doug to bring the high-church supporters back into the Christ Church mold. Virtually anything can be made an idol, including nutrition, but the choice of targets is beyond suspicious. The tone of all of Toby’s articles are not conciliatory so much as they authoritarian and mocking. Everything that Toby has written about this recently has made that tone more clear.

Christ Church offers gluten-free bread, which is great. Anaphylaxis would be damned inconvenient on the bleachers of the field house – can you imagine having to fish someone out from those suckers? The message seems to be that all the natural, organic, crunchy, hipster things that you want to do are absolutely fine, as long as you recognize the supremacy of Christ Church and Doug Wilson. Yahweh can be god as long as Caesar is God.

Obviously this is conjecture. This is just my analysis. There are indications that my analysis is correct, but most of what I see can be reinterpreted as something completely benign, which is usually why this sort of thing goes completely unopposed. The significant thing about this last ‘dustup’ is the remarkable backlash that it generated. How often do you see Doug Wilson wade into the comments of a Facebook post and defend his little buddy?

Frequency of Facebook posts



Toby elevates the sanctimoniousness.

”┬áScan over your Facebook posts for the last six months. How often did you post, like, share, comment enthusiastically on posts that are related to nutritional, dietary, or farming methods? Next compare that to the number of times you posted, liked, shared, commented enthusiastically on things the Bible states clearly without question, things like: Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead. “