Guuuuuuys… Come on guuuuys!


2 thoughts on “Authoritay!

  1. It’s too bad pastoral abuse of their congregants by religious professionals is not a crime, else Douglas Wilson would be serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison.

    In general, religious con artists are among the few groups that can continually commit gross criminal fraud by extracting money from their flocks by making promises they have no power nor ever will be able to fulfill.

    CREC Memes has and continues to do a fine job of exposing the mental abuses that Wilson heaps upon his sheep (except I am surprised that no one has commented upon his latest directives to hate those whose sexuality he neither understands nor attempts to mitigate his near total ignorance of), but for many years he has sucked millions from his flock with promises of a grand cathedral here in Moscow, Idaho.

    The not-legitimately ordained Wilson has spent these conned millions on shameless self promotion including a vanity press that ran at a loss in a inanely asinine attempt to become a mega-pastor only to show himself as a mega font of theological ineptitude, historical biblical research ignorance, and a disgusting traitor to Christ.

    For all those millions given and extravagantly spent on self aggrandizing, lavish living, funding family members and employees masquerading as elders, and slaving to keep all the misdeeds occurring in his enterprises from becoming public, he still preaches his diatribes in a smelly school gymnasium.

    Really. Who in their right mind would ever take him seriously?


  2. We gypsies have a long standing reputation of being thieves and cons. Unfortunately, parts of that reputation, though exaggerated, are true.

    However, none of us would stoop to the depths that Doug Wilson has during his over-long career as a shameless self-promoter.


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