The Pastor Test


The questions are all memorization questions.


CREC Ordination Exam Questions


We got our hands on a copy of the CREC Ordination Exam questions. This is a fairly accurate breakdown of what the questions on the 41 page document are. We couldn’t even put in a slice for questions about pastoral issues, shepherding, or counseling, because no questions of that sort are even hinted at on the exam. You should be able to name all of Job’s buddies, though.

Brain check



It’s actually really, really hard to make fun of this post. Here is an excerpt:

“Basically, you have the nerds and the bad boys. And just so we’re clear, this may or may not have anything to do with fashion awareness. But the nerds come in enamored with NSA ready for their Christian culture hit, they’re looking for the button that says Download Christian Worldview Here. In other words, brains got checked at the door and now information is going into the house like so many old lady knick-knacks and the lights are on but nobody is home. There’s no critical interaction taking place. On the other hand, you have the intellectual bad boys. They like to wear their hats backward, academically speaking. If the prof says that modern art sucks, the intellectual bad boy will studiously cultivate a love for modern art. If the prof says that Eastern Orthodoxy is a black hole for father-hungry hipsters, the intellectual bad boy will flirt with just enough Orthodoxy to worry his mom but not enough to actually get expelled. Academic faithfulness means humility and courage, submission and creativity. But getting this balance right takes hard work. It’s easier to check your brain at the door. It’s easier to be lazy and call it submission. It’s easier to be rebellious and call it courage. Idolatry always seems easier.”