How to spend the Lord’s Day


Doug Wilson’s comment timeline:

Sunday, June 15th at 7:11 A.M.

<Preaching 9:30-11:00(ish)>

Sunday, June 15th 12:24 P.M.

Sunday, June 15th 12:32 P.M.

Sunday, June 15th 12:35 P.M.



4 thoughts on “How to spend the Lord’s Day

  1. Has Doug ever publicly admitted he might be wrong; his understanding might be limited – aka just plain wrong; or, that those who disagree with him might have something of merit to offer? Forget John Edwards, the on-line exchange is a prime example of Sinners (i.e. all of us who refuse to kiss the Bishop of Moscow’s pinky ring and have not parked our brains inside Christ Church) at the mercy of a pissed off Doug Wilson.


  2. Desperation drives desperate behavior. Instead of traction, as Douglas Wilson’s strange visions generate more and more attention, and thus rejection and ridicule, his delusional behavior becomes more desperate to defend the indefensible.

    At some point an intervention by former supporters may become necessary to prevent Wilson’s entire self-destruction.


  3. And, his entire self-destruction would be a problem why? I only wish former supporters would speak up, share their experiences publicly and in so doing reclaim the Gospel that is dishonored by Doug Wilson and the toadies who continue to support him.


  4. Alas, Ms Huskey, you have spotlighted the problem.

    The only ones that can help are the former supporters of the disintegrating Wilson.

    The current Kirk flock of sheep and their pseudo shepherds like the blind Reaches, the hopeless Blakey, etc have neither the spine, wits, or economic incentive to do so. They will go down with the ship — a ship without lifeboats.


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