50 Shades of Doug


Lest we forget.  (This is a direct quote from Douglas Wilson’s book, Fidelity: What it Means to be a One-Woman Man (Moscow, Idaho: Canon Press, 1999), 86-87)


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Doug

  1. Poor Doug Wilson. What will he do?

    Now that this has occurred:


    What will he do? Will he still call his ongoing religious scam Presbyterian?

    One thing he will not do: Perform a marriage ceremony between a same gender couple. Love, companionship, security, etc are very low priorities in his get plenty of power, sex, and money plan of life.


  2. For Douglas Wilson and his very structured flock of toadies God and Testicles produce a most un-Christ-like, malevolent mixture.

    God and Jesus to Wilson are merely the hooks of his ongoing scam to be used to further Wilson’s own ends.

    There’s one born (or reborn) every minute. — P. T Barnum


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