Respect the Prophet


It should really set off warning bells when people start talking about being prophets. It should also be alarming when their sons write supporting articles about modern-day prophets. 


3 thoughts on “Respect the Prophet

  1. The need for and appropriateness of the current-day prophetic office aside, it’s a little hard to read an article that knocks “being cool” when it’s written by a guy who cheerfully calls himself “Captain Awesomesauce” and sunnily remarks that he’s gone from Nate to N.D. in homage to his heroes, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Self-aware much?


  2. ‘Captain Awesomesauce’ – Attention please, the nineties called and wants their stupid slogan back. But he’s talking about the Zeitgeist in Christianity today? That production of anti-intellectualism turns to an amateur thinker who uses (again) terms from two decades ago to try to explain things he doesn’t understand … And people pay him for this shit?

    Next thing ya know, he will discover Seth Godin’s Purple Cow or the 80/20 Rule. I mean, I know Christendom is lost in the back woods, but these are really basic ideas for Nate – er, um N.D. to be putting forward as any sort of meaningful Christendom. I mean, my church does really stupid things, like visiting prisoners, and orphans, and single moms with helps like food, and fellowship and love. Obviously, we have it all wrong! But maybe we can somehow tap into the true Zeitgeist of loving our neighbor for the sake of the Kingdom? Except the CREC has made the club a small one indeed, where other ethnicities or perspectives who follow Christ’s ethos aren’t welcome. Love your neighbor, indeed.


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