Greyfriars Pharisee School



Few things are as annoying to God as…

pettyReally? God’s more worried about the guy in churchy robes with a bad life than he is our high theology and our legalism? Does the reformed Christian world really feel that their low church theological infighting and complete lack of charitable engagement with the world is honoring to God? 


You might be in a cult if…


  • You wear black robes to organizational gatherings
  • You drink from a communal cup at your graduation
  • You have your own culty catechism

NSA Catechism:

Q. Who are we?
A. New Saint Andrews is an academic community centered on the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things.
Q. What are we doing here?
A. We are pursuing a robust liberal arts education in the classical Christian tradition in the context of real Christian community.
Q. Why are we doing this?
A. Our purpose is to graduate leaders who shape culture, living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.