Name one


Name a successful CREC actually located inside a US city.  Cities are the center of culture, business, and technology in the US, and more and more people are moving to the cities. Rural US is shrinking and the cities are expanding. CREC’s are heavily associated with a demographic that is decreasing.


Saving the World!


Postmillenialism, redemptive theology, optimistic eschatology…  We love the world of tomorrow, but for now, lets spend as much time condemning everything that we possibly can. Isn’t that the test of a pastor? How many things does he condemn from the pulpit? Is it REALLY a denomination full of the pastors from ‘Footloose’?



Wilson needed a 2/3rds majority to be elected as the presiding minister of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. He was elected to a three year term yesterday. 


To anyone in the CREC – you can’t even argue anymore when people say, “Oh… you’re in Doug Wilson’s denomination.” You are a member of his extended flock. Apparently the people who pastor your churches can’t see when Wilson abuses his power over other people. Why on earth do you think that your session will have your back if you somehow become the target?

Good luck.

Good Signs!

Originally posted as “When women are intimidated by their husband, I see it as a good sign.”

We got the quote wrong, folks. In actuality, the quote is “When women are intimidated by my husband, I see it as a good sign.”

Still a pretty lousy thing to say, but not the same as what we originally posted, so the image has been removed.

Quote from Nancy Wilson’s book: ‘True Companion’.  Thanks to Terri for bringing this up.

Can’t argue with science


Lots of material in this post folks, but lets just focus on the middle part real quick.

So feminism — smash the patriarchy feminism — wants us to be ruled by harridans, termagants, harpies and crones. That sets the tone, and the pestering is then made complete by small-breasted biddies who want to make sure nobody is using too much hot water in the shower, and that we are all getting plenty of fiber. And if anyone reads these words and believes that I am attacking all women by them, that would provide great example of why we should not entrust our cultural future to people who can’t read.

Ok. We can read. You specifically said that you don’t hate all women. Just the small-breasted feminist types. What if a feminist has large breasts? Why is that relevant? How does the breast size of the female complete your word picture? Is it because women with smaller breasts are inadequate? So many questions, man. So many…