Papal Issues


Pope Francis has been tweeting. And apparently (according to Doug Wilson), the Pope has been tweeting ‘gay’ stuff.  Francis has been saying things like:

“Advent begins a new journey. May Mary, our Mother, be our guide.”

“Advent increases our hope, a hope which does not disappoint. The Lord never lets us down.”

“The Church is called to draw near to every person, beginning with the poorest and those who suffer.”

To Wilson, these offensive statements are apparently proof positive of ridiculous effeminate softness.



Dropping like flies


Man. They should have a reality show. “Real sheep of Moscow, ID”


Ummm… Is it safe yet?



Smash the Lost Sheep



Doug Wilson has released a music video. In the video, he and his companions throw pots up in the air and smash them with baseball bats.  From the lyrics, it’s clear that the pots are representative of people who rebel against God.

A pastor, shepherd of the sheep is gleefully acting out the part of God destroying human beings. This is theology coming out of the fingertips, the ‘artistic’ expression of belief in song. This is how Doug views God, and this is exactly how he preaches.

Esau was the first born son . . .
But Jacob was the chosen one.
Sold his birthright for his hunger . . .
And the older one shall serve the younger.

Good Lord hardened Pharoah’s heart
We want to take up Pharaoh’s part.
Lift him up just to bring him down,
And the whole Egyptian army drowned.

Oh, what do you say?
Oh, what do you say?
Hold your peace, rebellious pot,
The Lord is God and you are not.

Judas kept the common purse . . .
Judas went from bad to worse.
Thirty pieces, silver crumbs.
So woe to that man through whom it comes!

Pilate, Herod, all the Jews
They all did what they would choose
What did all the seers foretell?
So here was born true Israel.

Oh, what do you say?
Nothing but clay . . .
Hold your peace, rebellious pot,
The Lord is God and you are not.

Die is cast, its wisdom stored;
Its every tumble from the Lord.
A man’s way in his heart is kept,
But God will still direct his steps.

You say this gospel is stone cold,
But not when hearts are warm and bold!
So hold your peace, rebellious pot,
The Lord is God, and you are not.

Oh, what do you say?
Oh, what do you say?
Hold your peace, rebellious pot,
The Lord is God and you are not.




You want to watch a music video of a big, burly pastor in sunglasses, don’t you? Of course you do.




Not only did Atwood get the boot, but it looks like Bob H. is leaving at the same time, and… BEN MERKLE IS TAKING OVER! Umm, I mean he’s going to find someone suitable to take the role. One reader has a suggestion:



Atwood Axed


So, Atwood is no longer the president of New Saint Andrews College. I’m sure that’s what he wanted for Christmas.


Look guys!