Atwood Axed


So, Atwood is no longer the president of New Saint Andrews College. I’m sure that’s what he wanted for Christmas.


23 thoughts on “Atwood Axed

  1. Roy Atwood was on board and cooperative when a very fine music professor was axed for disagreeing with Doug about a hiring decision several years ago. Surely he can’t be surprised when it happens to him. The real question (ha) is who will be replace Roy. Any guesses?


  2. “Unfortunately, because Roy is 62 and not yet in a position financially to retire at this time, he thought it best to resign, allowing the board to seek new leadership while he pursues other employment opportunities.”


      • Memes: That was my first impression as well, but now I see it differently because Roy co-wrote this so-called “Joint Public Announcement.” Now I see it as a “will everybody please feel sorry for me” line that Roy inserted to garner sympathy. And why wouldn’t Roy put that line in? — it’s not as though he ever had any respectability — including self-respect — just self-righteousness, which he no doubt clings to this very moment.

        Speaking of righteousness, I now believe the most telling line in the statement is this: “The members of the board and Roy esteem one another highly as conscientious Christian gentlemen. . .”

        Notice their use of the word “conscientious” instead of the term “godly,” which is always used in these situations — unless someone got caught with their pants down. So Roy did something that required his instant demotion and that would have required his instant termination, if not for everything he did to get NSA off the ground.


  3. So what are the odds that Wilson whacked Roy for righteousness sake?

    Don’t bet on it.

    “Yeah, let’s just keep matriculatin’ the ball down the field, boys!”


  4. Now I’m thinking that he touched a student — boy or girl — your guess is as good as mine, though most likely a boy given Roy’s effeminate personality as well as NSA’s and Christ Church’s sordid history.

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  5. Whatever Dratwood did, it was bad enough to get fired from the presidency but not bad enough to get rid of him as the instructor of his tiny handful of courses.


  6. Think the 3 Ls: Ladies, liquor, and lucre.

    It wasn’t lucre, because Wilson keeps the money firewalled off from everyone but himself. It might have been liquor because Roy drinks like a fish, but that wouldn’t be enough — it’d have to be a DUI where the charge stuck and where another party was injured. This is certainly possible but their record shows that they’ll cover for each no matter what — so I can see Wilson spinning a DUI, even with a victim.

    This leaves ladies, but that’s problematic because everyone has known for years that Roy leans homo (one of the reasons he drinks so much), so that would rule out another woman or a teenage girl, which leaves us with a pimple-faced pencil-necked teenage boy — a catamite: Dean Roy did Billy — which not even Wilson could spin. But since Billy was of age, that is, 18 or older, there was no crime — just a spin-proof PR nightmare that must be kept off the headlines.

    So why didn’t Wilson can Roy on the spot? Because Roy, like Jones, has leverage — he knows where they hid all the bodies, as well as every crime they covered up since the beginning. So they cut a deal — Wilson lets Roy stick around until he finds work elsewhere (good luck with all of that) and Roy is sworn to silence forever. And you better believe it was a signed deal, drafted not by Dick but by Wullenwaber. There will not be any tell-all bio by Roy. Ditto with Billy’s parents, who Wilson paid off with the Sitler piggy bank. One call to Dave, who owes Wilson for the rest of his life, and Billy’s parents just hit the lotto. And just like Sitler, this deal was done in less than 24 hours.


  7. Actually, it’s no secret that Atwood was particularly fond of his female students back in the day. For the most part, his attentions were considered creepy, but there reportedly was the odd young woman with daddy issues who welcomed his lustful attentions. Was Sarah Barracuda one of them? Who knows, but those familiar with the department back then always found Atwood’s protestations that he didn’t even remember her even though he was her academic advisor . . . odd. With more recent revelations, it’s clear Palin and Atwood had a lot more in common than simple lust, isn’t it?


    • @Annony: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Mr. Gruber and President Hussein think that you and the entire left are nothing but a bunch of useful idiots.


  8. Jonathan Gruber, the architect of President Hussein’s healthcare boondoggle, calls people like you “stupid.” Personally I think he overestimates your limited capacity. Nevertheless, you do prove his point that lefties are complete idiots who will believe any lie no matter how preposterous, and vote accordingly.


  9. There are only two possible acts that Roy could have committed that would have resulted in his immediate removal from office:

    1. An act of perceived disloyalty to Doug Inc., which could be anything from not weeping appropriately in his presence, such as Kim Il-sung required under penalty of death, or voting against the promotion of his grossly immature son to full fellow under pain of instant termination, such as Fidel Castro Saddam Hussein Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir Douglas Wilson required.

    2. An act or pattern of sin so gross that Wilson can cover it up temporarily but he will not be able to spin his way out of it when it finally becomes public knowledge. This means that Roy’s sin (lifestyle) is significantly worse than serial pedophilia, which Wilson treated no differently than he treated serial rape. However, it must be noted that in theory Roy should be held to a higher standard because of his high-profile position of trust, but in reality this simply means “cannot be spun.” So the applicable standard is “absolutely spin-proof.”

    Given this premise, there’s no way in the world that Roy would ever show disloyalty to Wilson. Just. Not. Possible. It could never happen in any universe at any time, no matter what Wilson did. In fact, if Wilson asked for a night with Bev, Roy would say, “Let me throw in Hannah too.” He’d make Lot look selfish. So we can absolutely rule out disloyalty.

    This leaves us with gross sin that is “absolutely spin-proof.” And if it’s spin-proof, then Wilson knows it will get out. But you can bet Ethan’s last dollar that it won’t because of anything the Hypocrites at Christ Church say they believe:


  10. In the joint statement released by NSA, Roy notified the world that financially speaking he’s a hurtin’ unit. They reinforced this fact by informing us that Bev will stay at NSA despite Roy’s departure. But by the time the News got ahold of the story, Roy changed his tune, telling the paper he’s “giddy” about his new adventure, pretending as though this was a planned event from the beginning — you know, suddenly end his career as the longest-sitting college president in the history of Idaho smack dab on a Monday morning in the middle of the first semester of the school year. Indeed, you can file that one under “P” for planning. Happens all the time.

    Roy can put a happy face on his personal crisis but those of us who don’t suffer from a faux classical education know better because whatever happened, happened during the 9-day window between Friday, November 21 and Sunday, November 30, at the latest, based off of this blog post:

    Notice that on November 21, Roy was planning to write a post called “Recovering Peripheral Vision,” which presumably would be more bloviating on the benefits of a faux classical education. Now, however, that post is most likely on hold for the rest of Roy’s life because if NSA canned him, then there’s no way he can get a job in Wilson’s universe of education — he’ll have to return to the state, the very entity he’s been condemning for the last 15 years as the longest-sitting college president in the history of Idaho. That’ll look good on the résumé. You can file that one under “P” for planning too.

    Keep smiling, Roy, you got ’em right where you ’em.


  11. Check Roy’s illegal boarding house to see if the illegal boarder(s) moved out since Thanksgiving Day. If yes, you found Ground Zero.


  12. When the truth of Roy Atwood’s sin is discovered — and it’s just a matter of time before this happens — the first, last, and only finger of blame should point directly at Wilson, who has been Roy’s biggest enabler in sin, irresponsibility, and zero accountability since 1997 — or roughly the entire time that Roy could boast he had been the longest-sitting college president in the history of Idaho.

    The two most prominent examples of Wilson enabling Roy are the drug ring and the casino:

    Wilson gave Roy a complete pass after his son was caught taking and dealing hallucinogens — dealing them to children at Logos School.

    Wilson gave Roy a pass after his son racked up thousands of dollars in illegal gambling debts — going so far as to retire those debts with church funds.

    Then Wilson had Roy help cover up Steven Sitler — once again reinforcing the point that sin doesn’t matter and accountability only applies to suckers, not to the power elites and their pets, like the serial pedophile.

    Roy is Wilson’s baby more than any other child he sired in or out of wedlock (and it’s just a matter of time before those bastards show their faces), and make no mistake, Roy is a two-year old in a 62-year-old’s body. He cried like a baby when he was caught — not because he was sorry but because that’s what baby’s do — and he’ll cry more when the facts are revealed.

    Yes, Roy is Wilson’s fault because Wilson enabled & encouraged Roy’s childlike irresponsibility to the point of no return. So you better get your tissues ready, Roy, because that’s the only thing Doug taught you to do.


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