Do as I say, not as I do


Authority is great as long as there is nobody above you.


Wilson and Bayly


Tim Bayly isn’t in the CREC, but he is linked from Doug’s blog. In fact, he’s one of the only non-family members linked from Doug’s blog. Doug seems intent on courting the Bayly bros approval. The regular attacks on the intellectual parts of the CREC (not Doug’s jackboot portion) are exactly the sort of thing that Doug would like to get away with, but the best he can do for now is just direct his readership to someone who is doing it for him.

Come on


Sometimes, people ignore things because they really like somebody.  It wasn’t until Hannibal Burress called him out in his set recently that it finally clicked with the media.  In the Christian world, we have our own way of keeping bad things quiet, of lionizing powerful men and fawning over celebrity pastors.  Doug Phillips is out. Mark Driscoll is out.  Before they were ‘exposed’ there had been hundreds of accounts of abuses (Driscoll –, Phillips –  and until the accusations got to critical mass, they were ignored by the people who believed that their man could do no wrong.

A Helpful Infographic


It’s been said that the memes on this site pick on Doug Wilson, and don’t really mention the rest of the CREC. But, apparently Doug speaks for the CREC, so we don’t HAVE to talk about the rest of the CREC. We can just make stupid pictures about the guy who is the CREC incarnate!

By the way, if you really think these memes aren’t that funny, you should check out the insider CREC memes.

Just a heads up


Folks in CREC’s – you should check out the clarification that Doug offered on his blog. Doug says,

“And Terri, a couple things. First, I think we do differ every bit as much as you think, and probably then some. And with regard to the central import of the passages I quoted in the post just linked, I do speak for the CREC.”

It’s a helpful clarification.

Something on your mind, man?



So, the word ‘Homosexual’ appears on 8,270 times.  Keep in mind, this isn’t including words like ‘sodomy’, ‘gay’, or ‘lgbtq’.

In contrast, homosexuality shows up in the Bible about 11 times (possibly less, if you view the essential sin of Sodom as being one of the violation of hospitality).

So… what’s up with that?