Sometimes the best stuff comes from the comments. People who are thinking Wilson’s thoughts after him come up with great summaries of the essential content of posts.


Because woman is to man as man is to God! See, he gets it! It’s also significant to notice that not a single soul bothered to correct him.




Seriously, how often can the verses where Jesus calls the Pharisees names come up? While they certainly have their place and help to describe the personality of Jesus, the CREC and Doug Wilson in particular bring them up over, and over, and over again. Why? Is it because they’re more comfortable with a Jesus who functions like Mohammed than they are a Jesus who functions like… Jesus.


Doug states that, as Christians, we shouldn’t engage in polite dialogue with people who believe differently than us. We don’t need to be one of the cool kids, who do things like interact with other humans respectfully. We should be warriors, fighting the good fight and bashing all those who disagree with our funny little nicknames.


Ultimately, the message that this sends to everybody that doesn’t agree with Wilson is that God really enjoys making fun of people. The gospel isn’t that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life, it’s that God thinks that you suck and will make fun of you till you join him.


Doug complains that there is a homo-jihad attacking the very fabric of marriage and morality in America. Even if that is the case, do you really believe that the way to respond is to belligerently attack the world?

Shocking News!

In a move that shocks absolutely nobody, New Saint Andrews college has elected Ben Merkle as the president. While this is not a surprise, it is mildly disappointing.


The selection of Merkle as president is just the latest in a history of crony-ism and nepotism for Christ Church.  Doug Wilson is on the board of NSA as is his son-in-law Luke Jankovic. Doug’s only son, Nate is a teacher at NSA (heading up the MA program), and Ben Merkle is a teacher AND the president. This is normal in Moscow, Idaho, capitol of the CREC. This is how people are chosen for positions of authority.

People in authority who wish to have their ideas and method of operation remain unchallenged tend to pick others who owe them special allegiance through marriage or money to take on roles that they cannot take on themselves. Doug Wilson as president of NSA is laughable due to his lack of appropriate academic credentials, but an Oxford educated Merkle puppet looks, on the surface, like a good call.


What is confusing is why NSA pretended to search for a new president. Were they trying to create the appearance of objectivity?


In any event, Merkle will serve faithfully in his role as Doug’s proxy academic credentials, and will doubtless lead the school into continued irrelevance as a Christian liberal arts college that exchanges money for brainwashing.


Keep Calm


So, maybe you don’t like Doug Wilson, but you’re still a fan of the CREC, and you think that it is one of the best denominations out there, with the best teaching or best theology, or maybe the best liturgy. Maybe you feel like the theology or liturgy is so good that you’re stuck going there because there cannot be any better churches.

Your liturgy and theology are worthless if you don’t help those who are being hurt in your congregations and in your denominations. Continuing to attend and support a church that breaks and abuses people because you like their liturgy is passively saying that liturgy is more important than your closest neighbors. No amount of Van Til or Augustine is worth the despair of a person treated like garbage by God’s representative on earth.

Vote with your feet, vote with your elder nominations, but don’t tolerate people who damage the sheep in your congregation.  Wilson barely got the 2/3rds majority that he needed to become the presiding minister, so there are people who voted no despite the fact that there were no other candidates.  Stand up and say something.



How to be free from bitterness


You accuse us of bitterness, but we accuse you of ignorance. We accuse you of finding convenient ways to explain away every abuse that you saw that you couldn’t just ignore. We accuse you, and all those who rush to use that word, of passively rejecting those people who need the most help and the most sympathy. We accuse you of worshiping your idea of what your church is instead of helping those battered by the reality of what it actually is.

Bitterness is allowing some real or imagined grievance color the entirety of one’s personality. It is called a root because it grows and slowly consumes a person until they are obsessed with that one wrong that was done to them. It is the opposite of gratitude.

We ARE thankful. We are thankful that we no longer have church leaders who view it as their calling to break us. We are thankful that our children will no longer grow up seeing the horrible, monochromatic, narrow view of men and women that many CREC’s teach. We are thankful that we no longer dread going to church on Sunday mornings.

We are also not obsessed. Obsession is allowing your thoughts and dreams to consumed with a single, burning purpose. Instead of having our hearts tied to Wilson, or tied to the whims of brutish, uneducated Greyfriars, we are considerably more free. We don’t have a very small group of people to repeatedly tell us very limiting things about how to live a very narrow life anymore. We have to figure it out for ourselves, and it is beautiful and terrifying, and after being out, you can’t go back into the Canon Press straight jacket.

Obviously, something about the stupid pictures on this site bothers you. I assure you that it does not require a lot of effort to maintain, and the most odious portion of it is occasionally reading Pastor Wilson’s meandering posts in search of something recognizable and coherent enough to turn into a meme. It is therapy for us, a way that we can work out our experiences and express them, and it is an attempt to show people that the emperor has no clothing.

We have heard from numerous sources, directly and indirectly, that these dumb pictures provide comfort. People look at them and tell their spouses, “See, it’s NOT just us.” There are some people that just can’t take the narcissism or nepotism seriously anymore after having the bubble broken by a few memes. For every person, who will dogmatically argue in our comments while commenting worshipfully on Mablog, there are several who read the memes and laugh, and the image of redneck Doug Wilson talking about ‘shit he don’ unnerstan’ will stick with them till the next time he says something authoritatively about something he has no authority in.



An anonymous donor has provided funding to rent billboard space in Moscow, Idaho! We are happy to announce that the advertisements for CREC Memes will be appearing along some of the fine streets of that spiritually repressed little college town! Please let us know your suggestions for the content and design of the new ads!