Golden Opportunities


Let’s show our lack of regard for human life by using mass murders as an opportunity to preach about abortion!


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So VERY Potent


Wilson staggered through a post about how Christians aren’t using the Gospel like it is supposed to be used nowadays. He believes that the way to counter the trans-sexual, pan-sexual, pomo-sexual (that’s a lot of sexuals, huh?)  secularist movement is to stop using an impotent (MORE SEXUAL REFERENCES, EVERYBODY!) gospel, that is impotent (WHEW!) because it doesn’t shame people publicly, and we just lock it away and shame people privately.  The good news, though, is that there is actually a good kind of gospel impotence (BLUE PILLS EVERYWHERE!) that is that when the wicked super-sexy secularists kill you, you get resurrected, so they can just suck it (Ok, I added that last bit, but it was implied)


The Essence of Leadership


Following up on yesterday’s post. Who pastored the angry man?  In the CREC, it’s very, very common for men to be told that everything that occurs within their house is their responsibility, and the flip-side of that total responsibility is total authority. In an effort to console women for their biblically mandated lack of authority,  it is also taught that men are supposed to submit to the leaders of the church. What is NOT taught, however is that the church leaders assume responsibility along with control.

For those with persistent sin problems, have you ever thought that perhaps part of the reason you’re so screwed up is that someone has been screwing you for a long, long time?

Open Letters


Doug’s been publishing a series of nauseating open letters. Looks like some man blew up at his wife at a church picnic, and Doug decided that it was a good idea to turn this family trouble into a ‘teachable moment’ for the internet. Chances are that lots and lots of people saw the incident in question.  If you can stand it, take a moment and read through Doug’s post. Here are some comprehension questions:

  • Who has this person been pastored by?
  • Is it ethical for a pastor to broadcast counseling issues to the world?
  • Who benefits most from this post?