16 thoughts on “The Facts

  1. Thank you. DW has systematically cultivated a Christian rape culture with his illogical, unhealthy views and rhetoric. He needs to be called out until he’s silenced.


  2. Katie Sitler could have gotten a better choice in husbands if her elders had simply, with eyes closed, opened up a phone book, chosen any page, and smacked a finger down on the page for a prospective husband’s (and father’s) name!

    Instead the pastors/elders decided it would be a great thing to disregard a pedophile’s history of sexually abusing children in multiple states, a guy who belongs in prison (and was supposed to serve a long prison sentence for the children he already sexually abused).


    • One thing that isn’t being mentioned much is the sense of absolute desperation that a girl feels when she is unmarried and 23 years old in Moscow, Idaho. Your mission in life is to be a mother, your goal is to find a husband, and if you fail at that, you fail at everything. Non-desperate women don’t do things like this.


      • The desparation one is made to feel as an “older” woman in Christ Church is absolutely true. I was at NSA from 24-28 years old and the treatment I got from everyone was horrible. The older single girls acted like I was infringing on their territory, the younger married girls told me to my face I knew nothing about life, and when in desperation I finally, three weeks before graduation, I talked to Nancy, her very helpful advice was to wear my hair different.
        But from what I heard from my older single guy friends, it was worse for them. As a woman, I felt pity and confusion from others because I wasn’t married. But my guy friends said they felt contempt and guilt for not picking someone, anyone. Just get married already. One is as good as another.
        Thankfully, God lead me to my husband only a few weeks after talking to Nancy. And he was on their “no no” list. And he’s perfect.


  3. Thanks CREC Memes for explaining the culture of Moscow, Idaho. Yikes. So terrible. The parents should have sent their daughter somewhere else.


  4. Thanks for the concise link-up to all the rot.

    Douglas Wilson wrote today:
    “I have other things to write about, but it appears to me that the Lord doesn’t have other things for me to write about. ”
    No, Doug, the Lord wants you to write about things that try to cover your butt, you know, the butt that you claimed a Jesus Feminist gal like me couldn’t even find with a snow shovel. Butt found. And it’s bigger than I imagined.


  5. Missing from this important discussion are reports of the incidents at Logos School in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s which never saw the light of the criminal justice system. It would be wonderful f some of those victims now wrote about their experiences with the same great courage and openness that Natalie has demonstrated.

    What happened at Logos School and the cover-ups that occurred rival the Sitler and Wight cases.


  6. In the link found in The Facts entitled:

    Assessing risk in sex-offender situations by Samantha Malott

    a very rosy picture alleging a low repeat rate for sexual offenders is presented. This is at much odds with other specialist views. There is no agreement about repeat rates though the rates given in the link are much below almost all other other views.


    I wonder who suggested to the Daily News writer above what authority to check. Could it have been …

    There is general agreement about this: The younger the victims. the more likely the offender will repeat.

    Here is a link to a letter in Sitler’s court file (surnames removed, letter now sealed in court file):


    After reading this letter, you may wonder why Sitler was ever under any circumstances turned loose in public. Yet Douglas Wilson is still championing Sitler’s cause as he did urging a light sentence after this letter appeared in public in many places. I wonder how much Sitler’s parent’s money had/has to do with it.


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