Stop making me hurt you


Linking to these videos is not retaliation, and it is not provocative. It is not gasoline on the fire. This is the kind of thing I have been laboring to prevent, not for my own sake but for the sake of others. I told Natalie in an email a while ago that it was not possible to dig up half a corpse. But if you insist, if you demand, if you keep it up, if you finally get your story on Jezebel, the rest of the corpse comes too. So this is where we now are. You wanted the whole story, and we are almost there. Unfortunately, for all you angry Internet personnel out there, this is just one more instance of you swinging at one person like me and hitting Natalie instead.

An excellent way to prevent people being harmed by information is to NOT USE THAT INFORMATION TO HARM PEOPLE.  Doug, the victim, was forced by the internet mob to post links to Natalie’s husband’s performance art.

Doug Wilson cannot prevent abuse, because, as he as proved in this post, he is abusive and manipulative.


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