What’s Something that Kirkers Don’t Do?


Oh… Now I get what everyone was talking about!


Nepotism = Entitlement


Should the government give out welfare? Doug says no. Should they government run social security? Doug says ‘absolutely not!’ Is Obamacare an abomination? Doug thinks so.

Should people be appointed to the highest positions of authority in Moscow because they’re related to Doug? Doug says…yes.

Our Fellowship


There are many, many valid reasons to leave a bad church.  Leaving an abusive, destructive church inflicts a lot of pain, as you often lose friends, family, and possibly your way of life.

Going through the pain of leaving a bad church provides an opportunity for growth that you never, ever get if you stay within the context of the abusive, domineering church.

The ‘Fellowship of Grievance‘, as Wilson calls it, isn’t broken. We aren’t bitter, nor are we twisted orc-like creatures as Toby says. We have grown out of our need to be dominated by our church, and we want to let the rest of the people inside know that there is a better way.

Leave the Kirk. It’s better outside.

The Kirkfather


Natalie has posted an extended segment of a conversation between Doug Wilson and her father, Gary Greenfield. It’s clear from the conversation that Doug attempts to guarantee Gary’s silence in a mafia-like fashion, and when he doesn’t encounter the complete obedience he requires, resorts to threats.

If you’re having trouble seeing the threats in Natalie or Katie’s post, try mentally replacing Doug Wilson’s name with ‘The Godfather’.