Serial * cure


‘Cause a healthy marriage totally cures serial child molesters killers.

(Sitler was only convicted of one count of “lewd conduct”
but he molested dozens of children across the country …
and Doug Wilson knew this when he arranged and officiated his marriage.)


In case you were wondering


That’s it. No reason. Nothing happened before this. All the people who dislike Doug made up their problems because they hate the truth. Nothing to see here, folks.

A public service announcement


Sure, your church has paedo-communion, and that’s great. But it also has paedo-philes that the pastor stands up for, and that’s not ok. God’s probably more ok with your child growing up in a non-paedo-communionion, non-postmillenial, non-liturgical church than He is with you sticking with a guy who has never shown any brokenness.

How can you learn from a person who is never wrong?



Doug stated that his conscience is clear, which means that further apologies and statements will not be forthcoming. There isn’t anything in his statement that can be construed as remorseful, or even as admitting any wrongdoing. Even if the Christ Church elder board had done an exceptional job, there would STILL have been a few mistakes made.