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Give up father hunger for Lent!


How to be free from bitterness


You accuse us of bitterness, but we accuse you of ignorance. We accuse you of finding convenient ways to explain away every abuse that you saw that you couldn’t just ignore. We accuse you, and all those who rush to use that word, of passively rejecting those people who need the most help and the most sympathy. We accuse you of worshiping your idea of what your church is instead of helping those battered by the reality of what it actually is.

Bitterness is allowing some real or imagined grievance color the entirety of one’s personality. It is called a root because it grows and slowly consumes a person until they are obsessed with that one wrong that was done to them. It is the opposite of gratitude.

We ARE thankful. We are thankful that we no longer have church leaders who view it as their calling to break us. We are thankful that our children will no longer grow up seeing the horrible, monochromatic, narrow view of men and women that many CREC’s teach. We are thankful that we no longer dread going to church on Sunday mornings.

We are also not obsessed. Obsession is allowing your thoughts and dreams to consumed with a single, burning purpose. Instead of having our hearts tied to Wilson, or tied to the whims of brutish, uneducated Greyfriars, we are considerably more free. We don’t have a very small group of people to repeatedly tell us very limiting things about how to live a very narrow life anymore. We have to figure it out for ourselves, and it is beautiful and terrifying, and after being out, you can’t go back into the Canon Press straight jacket.

Obviously, something about the stupid pictures on this site bothers you. I assure you that it does not require a lot of effort to maintain, and the most odious portion of it is occasionally reading Pastor Wilson’s meandering posts in search of something recognizable and coherent enough to turn into a meme. It is therapy for us, a way that we can work out our experiences and express them, and it is an attempt to show people that the emperor has no clothing.

We have heard from numerous sources, directly and indirectly, that these dumb pictures provide comfort. People look at them and tell their spouses, “See, it’s NOT just us.” There are some people that just can’t take the narcissism or nepotism seriously anymore after having the bubble broken by a few memes. For every person, who will dogmatically argue in our comments while commenting worshipfully on Mablog, there are several who read the memes and laugh, and the image of redneck Doug Wilson talking about ‘shit he don’ unnerstan’ will stick with them till the next time he says something authoritatively about something he has no authority in.