Sometimes the best stuff comes from the comments. People who are thinking Wilson’s thoughts after him come up with great summaries of the essential content of posts.


Because woman is to man as man is to God! See, he gets it! It’s also significant to notice that not a single soul bothered to correct him.


Since it has never been recanted…


Direct quote from Douglas Wilson’s book, Fidelity: What it Means to be a One-Woman Man (Moscow, Idaho: Canon Press, 1999), 86-87

How hard is it to say, “That was bad, I shouldn’t have said that?”



So, according to Pastor Wilson, we don’t make very good points. Not very creamy. He proceeded to write a post responding to some of the points in the memes.

He also didn’t link the CREC Memes site directly, so a bunch of you had to google ‘crec meme’, ‘crec memes’ or ‘crecmemes’ to get here. Welcome!


Faith, Hope, Love, but the most important of these is…



Marriages are built upon obedience. A woman should obey her husband in all things lawful, just as a man should obey the elders in all things lawful. Also, the elders and husband get to decide what’s lawful! It’s a perfect and beautiful system.

12. What is the most important word in the marriage vows?
In our time, because of the peculiar form our disobedience has taken, the most important word isobey. And it is the most important word whether or not it is included in the vows. Like a father who has abandoned his family, that word can dominate through its absence.


Your wife isn’t supposed to understand you


This philosophy has worked so well for previous generations.

19. What do I do when my wife doesn’t understand me?
She is not supposed to understand you. She is supposed to respect you.


Sex is a nuanced thing


So, the first sign that you’re not a moron is if you ACT like a moron!

2. Is not the subject of human sexuality filled with nuance?

Yes, it is. And the first sign that you have worked through it with sufficient care is that nobody thinks you have any.


Like a loving father



What the $%#@?

3. I am beset with sexual temptations. Does God have a solution for me?
Yes. The love of a good woman who is willing to make love to you for the rest of your life.


18. How can I communicate to my wife how hard it is to take this kind of responsibility?
You shouldn’t try. It is more important for you to be a protective father to her than for her to be a comforting mother to you. Your wife should know that you are faithful. She may or may not know how hard it is. If you are not a whiner, you will not make a point of letting her know.




The first rule about masculinity is…


1. What is the first challenge of biblical masculinity?
To have enough of it to be willing to articulate what it is in public.


There is but one way



The solution to testosterone fueled fantasies is marriage.  As soon as possible to whoever is available. It doesn’t really matter who, because they’re supposed to respect you, regardless.

3. I am beset with sexual temptations. Does God have a solution for me?
Yes. The love of a good woman who is willing to make love to you for the rest of your life.

4. But I am not married. What should I do about sexual temptation in that case?
You should find out her name, and ask her.


Just what you needed!



Are you a connoisseur of legalism? Here’s some more rules to follow.