Cannibalism is BAD!


When was the last time he wrote/preached about the abuse of power, spiritual abuse, covering up sins, or choosing foolish Mark Driscoll-like friends?


Doug Wilson Sex Blog


Apparently, one side-effect of the Obergefell decision is that Doug Wilson blogs exclusively about gay sex now.  Which means that all the people who depend on him for spiritual sustenance are getting a steady diet of information about homosexuality.  It’s kind of like how Jesus came to earth and spent His entire ministry talking about how evil Homosexuality was, you know?

Something on your mind, man?



So, the word ‘Homosexual’ appears on 8,270 times.  Keep in mind, this isn’t including words like ‘sodomy’, ‘gay’, or ‘lgbtq’.

In contrast, homosexuality shows up in the Bible about 11 times (possibly less, if you view the essential sin of Sodom as being one of the violation of hospitality).

So… what’s up with that?