Women are penis homes


Yes, Mark really said that.


Yes, Doug really said that.


Practical Theology


“Your theology comes out your fingertips” is a common phrase in CREC circles. Your actions stem from your understanding of God, both your good and bad actions.  This is why it’s worth tying this to Doug Wilson, Doug Philips, and Bill Gothard. These things do not happen in a vacuum.

The Doug Wilson-Josh Duggar-Bill Gothard-Doug Phillips Connection

Our very own Doug Wilson comes up in this article explaining the dynamics behind what Josh Duggar did.
Now ask yourself: In the two high-profile child molester/rapist cases in Christ Church in Moscow, Wight and Sitler, why did Doug Wilson take the side of the adult assailants and not the child victims?
Doug Wilson doesn’t even have the excuse that the defenders of Josh Duggar do, because neither of the men he sat with in court were minors. They were both full-grown men preying on and assaulting children.