Exercising our Christian liberty and enjoying some good ol’ slashing with the serrated edge.

The memes tagged “I shit you not” and “real life stories” are just that. They are exactly what is happening in some of these CREC (Communion of Reformed Evangelical) churches.  If you don’t know what a meme is talking about, contact someone who has left a CREC, or email us at crecmemes@gmail.com.

There are far worse things happening in CREC churches than are depicted in these memes, but it’s not really possible or appropriate to meme such topics as spousal abuse and child molestation.

And if you are wondering, this is who we are.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. “The memes tagged “I shit you not” and “real life stories” are just that.”

    Yes, but are there tags to help me decide what is law and what is gospel? Thanks in advance.


  2. Exposing the bad stuff in an abusive church/school/entrepreneurial system strikes me as laudable, not something for which you ought to repent. I see no evidence here of “bitterness” and “father hunger,” but then again, I’m just an angry, ugly, unloved, sodomite-loving housewife . . . who thinks y’all are onto something good.


  3. It’s a pleasure to find this site. I think many of the memes are quite funny. You are attacking Dishonest Doug from the Left, even as I do so from the Right. And each of us is motivated by concern for the many good people that have drifted into his corral. The biggest place where we differ is that you seem to regard CREC as a church and denomination that has run amok, whereas I believe it has no valid ordination and thus is not a church at all, but just a plain old bread-and-butter cult. I think this is the reason they emit so much gas about the sacraments, namely, because they don’t have the sacraments. In an odd twist on Doug’s “father hunger” theme, it is “sacrament hunger.” But perhaps the hunger is something that also gives a glimmer of hope, not for Doug, but for the people under his sway.


  4. From my perspective–and from most people’s–criticizing a denomination is an incredible waste of time. From your perspective, how is this blog not extreme pettiness?
    From my experience, I am surrounded by a multitude of faithful Christians in this community. Is part of your message with this blog to make sure that I know (and many other good people know) that my experience with this collection of Christians is nothing but illusory, naive, and blind? How is your experience, yours held as the minority (what lovely niche criticisms you have!), not the one fueled by delusions and experiences whose causes are aligned only with your pedantic and little frustrations of past experiences, tainted by unforgiveness and the obscurity of memory?
    Christians are not necessarily called to satire and make fun of unbelievers (I might be convinced of a few places where it might be appropriate), but they are certainly not called to satire or make fun of those saved by the blood of Jesus, not ever. Period. And you might think, “Well, they do,” but have you thought, “Well, do I?”
    The only time, I believe, believers have some duty to “take down” someone else, is when their enemies call themselves believers, but are not. Pharisees, those who live in unconfessed sin and refuse to confess it, those who place anything above a peaceful relationship with God, and those who are actively destroying the church by propagating sin (it’s more clearly outlined in a number of Epistles).
    Where, in Scripture, do you see a defense of your attacks on the secondary (as in, unessential; as in, non-salvific; as in, not a Heaven-Hell issue) products of the CREC and the Christians represented in it?
    Where, in Scripture, do you see a defense of publicly proclaiming the sins (or concerns that there might be) of real believers, instead of going to them in private? Have you gone to those whom you believe have done wrong in private?
    Have you, in this blog, been entirely free of all the things you dislike in the things you criticize? Are you being held accountable in the actions you are taking in this blog against other Christians? If you fueled any of these posts by hate, would you go (or have you) talked to anyone about your failure to remain humble in your concerns or accusations about other sinners in need of the blood of Jesus; people much like you and I? In that situation, if you hosted the fruit of your sin on this blog, what would you do? Would you think it wise to continue?

    And if you didn’t read this or are considering disregarding it, why?


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