Doug squeals about persecution


The Truth about Moscow has a great piece dissecting the prolonged squeal here.

Check out the fun persecution tag, btw.


Nepotism = Entitlement


Should the government give out welfare? Doug says no. Should they government run social security? Doug says ‘absolutely not!’ Is Obamacare an abomination? Doug thinks so.

Should people be appointed to the highest positions of authority in Moscow because they’re related to Doug? Doug says…yes.

It’s the healthier alternative


You can’t flee Doug by going to Trinity, because Trinity is just Christ Church’s pressure valve.


The mantra


Christ Church – it’s not a cult, it just has ALL of the markers of it.


Charlie wants to know


I’m not sure what hurts people in the Kirk more. Sin, or the elders.




Here’s the test – Does Doug take retribution out on the husbands of abuse victims who won’t shut up?


What do bad boys get?


Both Jamin and Sitler had church sanctioned marriages after proving themselves to be bad guys. ┬áThat’s an odd punishment structure.


The Son of Jim Goes Forth to War

The son of Jim goes forth to war,
ten thousand fans to gain.
His doggy banner barks afar:
this blog is biblically lame;
Who best can swill his posts of dreck,
without great mental pain,
who grateful comments on each post,
praise be Doug Wilson’s name!

Set to the tune of “The Son of God Goes Forth to War” (Lyrics)

Christ Church has provided a really nice recording, so you can hear the original.

(Thank you, Daniel!)


All the manly little egos

Hushabye, don’t you cry,
Close your eyes you little sheeple,
When you wake, you shall have,
All the manly little egos,
Hard and brave,
Strong not gay,
All the manly little egos

Sung to the tune of “All the Pretty Little Horses”


When was the last time?


You don’t have to DO anything. Your salvation isn’t wrapped up in a million rules – Jesus loves you. You don’t need the Kirk to meet Him. You don’t need a guru in Moscow, Idaho to feel the love.

Your Father in heaven loves you, and you don’t need Doug to tell you what you must do to earn it.