It’s a miracle!


Credit: Rachel Miller




Doug Wilson almost didn’t receive the 2/3rds majority that he required to be elected minister of presbytery.

Due to increased scrutiny, the CREC could no longer ignore what was happening in Moscow, so instead of commissioning an outside investigation, they started an internal investigation, calling into question the legitimacy of the results before they were released.

Numerous issues were raised with Randy Booth as the leader of the investigation. Multiple members of the committee were notified of Booth’s past close relationship with Wilson, the fact that Booth had just authored a book with Wilson, or that Doug had helped Booth make an unpleasant situation go away in the past. The committee did nothing, and Booth rejected all suggestions that he was unqualified to chair the investigation.

Randy Booth was found to have plagiarized multiple sections of the book that he co-authored with Doug Wilson. Wilson accepts 0 blame. Randy resigns.

All of this proves that the CREC is an organization of men who despise authority attempting to act as if they possessed it. They are disorganized, poor communicators, and ridiculously lousy at paying attention to the situation at hand.

What if?


In case you haven’t heard, Randy Booth has resigned as temporary CREC moderator and from his role as the leader of the toothless investigation of the well-documented abuses in Moscow. 

Side note: What the hell is up the PDF’s CREC? Are you run by a bunch of elderly white men or something?