Just some clarification, please


Doug said: 

If one of your kids runs in from the backyard with a tale of woe, saying that her brother hit her on the head with a stick, this is certainly grounds for an indictment. Mom really should inquire. But in the course of the trial, what if she discovers that he did so because she had been poking him with that same stick for the previous half an hour? All accusations and all defenses are contextual.

His actions were public, now. Context is missing, but there’s no way that any context will exonerate Doug from the litany of charges of abuse that he is facing.


The sound of a tiny violin


Sometimes, you’ll do the right thing, and everyone will hate you. This is not one of those times. Doug would have you believe that he’s Daniel in the lions den, maligned by those jealous of his success, when in reality, he’s Nero, sending lions to devour the helpless.

Private conversation


Heaven forbid the outside world sees that we actively police ourselves and don’t allow evil people to hurt the weak. I’m sure it would disgust them.

Here’s the problem. The system is broken. Doug Wilson is the elected top official in the CREC,  he is the top official in his presbytery, and all of the elders of the churches in his presbytery are cowards. There is no real solution to this problem that does not involve the removal of Doug Wilson from a position of authority.

Serial * cure


‘Cause a healthy marriage totally cures serial child molesters killers.

(Sitler was only convicted of one count of “lewd conduct”
but he molested dozens of children across the country …
and Doug Wilson knew this when he arranged and officiated his marriage.)

“One count of lewd conduct”

Here’s what Doug said:


What was that ‘one count of lewd conduct’? Sitler forced a young child to kiss his genitals.

 The absence of penetration in this one case that Sitler pled guilty to does not make this in any way NOT a rape.

What kind of person splits hairs about something like this in defense of someone who admittedly committed this act?